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November 8, 2014

My Date with a Mad Scientist is now available at Amazon!

Update 11/8/2014


My Date with a Mad Scientist is NOW available at Amazon!

Back in 2012 a couple of things were absorbing my attention and made me think if I combined them, the result might be a fun story.

The first was discovering the world of Twitter. I don’t really use it to communicate with anyone, but more to voyeur a little into celebrities’ lives or at least the portion they chose to share with the world. And I have found my tastes quickly gravitated to B-list actresses from old sci-fi TV shows and movies like Dina Meyer, Katee Sackhoff, Cassidy Freeman, Tricia Helfer, Jeri Ryan, Sandra Hess, Kari Wuhrer, and the like. It is fun to see how some just post motivational quotes, some mostly post photos of their pets, while others use it to promote their projects and personal causes.

The other thing that occupying my attention  was a couple of Australian kid shows available through Netflix. The first was ‘H2O’, a show about three high school girls who can turn into mermaids.  The other was ‘Wicked Science’ (sadly not currently available on streaming Netflix) about a pair of high school kids who get zapped by a mysterious ray that turns them into super geniuses. In every episode they created some new outrageous sci-fi device like a teleportation machine or a raygun that can shrink people, or clones, or time machines, or robots that can pass for people, or invisibility cremes. And the list goes on and on.

Anyway I got to thinking about it and decided perhaps I could do an interesting story if I smashed together a B-list actress with a mad scientist who could create all kinds of crazy things. It is one of those story ideas where you have to write it all straight and serious yet it is really just light, fast, and fluffy.

Also I find it helps me visualize the characters and keep them consistent if I select who I would like to play them, if the book were turned into a movie.  So here is who I imagine the main characters look like:


Dina Meyer as Catherine ‘Cat’ Webb. In addition to acting in countless movies on the SyFy Channel, Cat Webb starred in the old sci-fi TV series, Radiant Angel, where she played Samantha Wingate, a private eye with secret unearthly gifts. Now, with the series barely more than a faded memory, she spends part of her free time on the comic book convention circuit signing autographs and doing photo ops – like many other B-list genre actors. One day, while attending the Dallas Con, her life takes an unexpected turn into the secret world of Mad Scientists.


Guy Pearce as Will Carlson. At first glance, Will appears to be nothing more than a meek, somewhat nerdy, guy who would be most at home driving a computer terminal at some high tech firm. But Will has a big secret, he is a long time member of what is euphemistically referred to as the Mad Scientist Club. Born in 995 A.D. and one of the last warrior-priests in the old Norse religion, he was given, at the age of 46, the Elixir of Life upon being inducted into The Society of the Great and Noble Descendants of Lemuria, Sarmat, Rama, Osiri, Uiger, Aroi, Tiahuanaco, and Atlantis. Now, Will operates out of his secret citadel buried far beneath the city of Fort Worth, Texas, where he experiments on whatever interests him at the moment, and occasionally, when the need arises, saves the world.


Olivia Wilde as Danielle Manford. Elle, as she is known to her friends and closest associates, is a member of the secret Society’s High Council. And of all the members of the High Council, her past is the most shrouded in mystery. She is rumored to be the famous alchemist from antiquity, Mary the Jewess. Other even more obsure stories hinted she had originally been Mariam, sister of the prophets Moses and Aaron. But now, regardless of her true origins, Elle is THE premier genetic engineer on the planet being the first person to successfully resurrect long extinct dinosaurs as well as endowing enhanced cats with the ability to speak. The expertise and skills acquired over her thousands of years of life will be put to the test if the world is to be saved from the machinations of The Alexander Alliance, the Society’s and her personal long-time nemeses. However Catherine can’t help but wonder about Elle’s relationship with Will after the countless adventures the two Mad Scientists have shared over the last ten centuries.


Matt Bomer as Benjamin Franklin. Ben, the first American-born member of the Society, has spent most of the last two centuries as the Society’s main troubleshooter. Along with Will and Elle, he will have his work cut out for him this time, as the Alexander Alliance’s plot to gain control of the world has left the thirty-four largest American cities, including his beloved Philadelphia, nothing more than radioactive ruins after the detonation of a series of powerful anti-matter bombs. The highly restricted time displacement equipment, which hasn’t been used since one of the Alliance’s prior plots allowed the Nazis to win the second World War, will once more have to be called into play.


John Coo as Zhage Liang. Liang, the foremost strategist in recorded history, was born in China in the 2nd century. Figuring out a solution to the current crisis will fall on his shoulders and his ultimate invention, the Probability Engine. Like some steampunk design run wild, the gigantic three hundred by three hundred by three hundred foot cube-shaped device filled with billions of moving parts will spit out the most probably solution to any question. And this time the solution may lead to secret Society and Alliance enclaves located on Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or the satellites circling the mighty Gas Giants.


Rami Malek as Imhotep. Imhotep, the Head of the Society’s High Council, is, while looking a youthful twenty-five, the oldest living member of the Society. An ancient Egyptian Visier and High Priest, he oversaw the construction of the first of the great pyramids almost 4700 years ago.


Elijah Wood as Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci, the greatest creative genius of this millenia, doesn’t often emerge from his secret laboratories. But the consequences of the current crisis are so profound, even he might not be able to sit quietly on the sidelines.


Henry Cavill as Alexander the Great. Alexander had long ago been an honored member of the Society’s High Council. But he always felt with their superior mental and physical gifts, the Society should rule the world. When the majority of the Council balked at his plan, he attempted to conquer the world by force of arms. As a result, for almost 2500 years Alexander and his followers have been in a state of war with the Society.


Alice Greczyn as Cleopatra. With her incredible youth and beauty, no one would ever suspect Cleo is THE CLEOPATRA, the two thousand-year-old former lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. A descendant of Alexander, she is a long time member of the Alliance. And her path has crossed with Will and Elle and other members of the Society many times before. She owes Will a major favor after he saved her life when she secretly stowed away on the first flight to the Moon in 1865, which was launched using a giant cannon hidden within Mount Kilimajaro in the heart of Africa. And Cat may have to collect on this almost forgotten debt, if she is to survive after being captured by The Alliance.


January 1, 2013

Florentine Dragons

This story is a sequel to Teleporter Girl; however it can be read as a standalone story without reading the other one first.

This is a story of a group of high school girls with superpowers living in Jefferson, a small town in southern Minnesota.  At the age of four, when they were all attending the Thatchwood pre-school, an experimental chemical was accidentally released from a nearby biotech firm.  The resulting cloud drifted over the pre-school building killing all three adults present and leaving the girls forever changed.

Their families each carefully hid their daughter’s special abilities in fear that if they were found out, their daughters would be taken away.  Therefore it wasn’t until they were sophomores in high school that they became aware of each other’s existence.

Superpowers should make their lives more fun and easy.  But the danger always exists that if they are caught using their powers, they may be dragged away and caged up like lab rats.  But weird, almost unbelievable things are going on and only they, through the combined use of their gifts, may be able to prevent bad things from happening to the world.

It appears their old nemesis, Professor Amundsen, and his associates may be trying to bring back dinosaurs.  And based on his previous cavalier attitude towards public safety, a lot of people could be hurt or killed if they don’t figure out what he is doing and how to stop him.

And they can’t forget the old Indian prophecy, verified by talking to the ghost of a long dead shaman, which says they will travel back to the distant past to save the world.

As result, it sometimes feels like their superpowers don’t leave them time for the mundane, but important things in life like homework, afterschool jobs, or most importantly – boys.

+ + +

I have been puttering along on this story for at least eighteen months.  I write 20 or 30 pages and then set it aside for a few months before writing another 20 or 30 pages.  At this point I have about 180 pages done  and have finally reached the heart of the story where the girls have arrived in 15th century Florence, but it still has a long ways to go – probably at least another 180 pages.  So I thought perhaps if I did some bios for the main girls and selected some actresses who could play them, it might improve my motivation to stick with it and get the story finished up.

It turned out to be a lot harder to figure out the most appropriate actresses for this one than the other stories I am working on, mainly because I discovered I’m not familiar with that many teenaged actresses.  Lots of shows set in high school (Pretty Little Liars and Vampires Diaries come immediately to mind) use actors in their mid to upper twenties.  Since the girls in this story are all sixteen year old sophomores, I really wanted to come up with actresses who are still in their teens to really look like they are sixteen.  Anyway, the actresses below are ones who I am at least vaguely familiar with and who look at least something like the characters in my head.


Elle Fanning (Super 8) as Mackenzie Thomas.

Superpower: Teleportation

Mack can teleport herself and up to two others anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye.  Until her 16th birthday she had never used her gift to travel further than the 90 miles to Minneapolis.  But on that day she traveled all the way to Paris and ended up saving the young son of the head of the Cadeaux Magiques Fashion House.  As a result of that encounter, and coupled with her stunning beauty, she has started a secret modeling career in Europe.


McKaley Miller (Hart of Dixie) as Gracie Denton.

Superpower: Can speak with Ghosts

Unlike in the movies where ghosts are usually rare creatures that only exist when someone dies with serious unresolved issues, in reality everyone becomes a ghost when they die and Gracie (and anyone touching her) is the only one who can see and talk to them.  These literally billions of allies on the other side prove invaluable at collecting intel for the girls when needed.


Skyler Samuels (The Nine Lives of Chloe King) as Alexandra Pearce.

Superpower: Immortality

Alex is the only one of the girls who didn’t receive her special gifts as a result of the chemical spill at the Thatchwood pre-school when they were all four years old.  Instead, Alexandra is the sole survivor of a high-tech civilization that existed 17,000 years ago right at the beginning of the last Ice Age.  A ‘gray goo’ nanotech accident wiped out all the processed metal in the world destroying that civilization and the ensuing Ice Age then removed all traces of its existence.  In the final hours, Alex’s father, one of the leading nanotech engineers, injected her with experimental nanomachines to help her survive during the civilization’s collapse, however neither of them realized at the time that these nanomachines would almost instantly heal any injury, give her computer-like mental powers, and keep her forever looking sixteen.  The downside of forever looking sixteen is that she can never stay in one place for more than ten years without people noticing she doesn’t age.  On the surface, it appears to be a simple coincidence that she was living in Jefferson pretending to be sixteen at the same time as all the other girls turned sixteen, but unsuspected forces may have been involved.


Kara Haywood (Moonrise Kingdom) as Danielle Scott

Superpower: Telekinesis

Danni can move any object or any combination of things up to 256 pounds through the power of her mind.  In addition to moving objects, her gift also gives her the ability to fly (along with another person, if they aren’t too heavy).  Like most of the other girls, she never knew others with superpowers existed until she was a sophomore at Jefferson High.


Molly Quinn (Castle) as Molly ‘Jacks’ Jackson

Superpower: Able to instantly understand, read, and speak any language

Jacks’ father, a minister, intended to announce his daughter’s gift when she turned sixteen.  The ghost of her great grandmother warned Gracie that all of the girls’ secrets were at risk if the announcement was made.  This was the impetus for Mack, Gracie, and Alex to get into contact with the other girls so they could band together to protect their secret.  Jacks has joined the other girls, but based on her highly religious upbringing still believes her special gift is from God and has a secret personal agenda to use their combination of unique abilities to verify the facts and events described in the bible.


Jennifer Stone (Wizards of Waverly Place) as Jill ‘Charlie’ Munroe

Superpower: Sees the patterns that surround every living and inanimate object

Charlie sees patterns in everything.  Occasionally, she gets flashes of insight that allow her to convert this knowledge into useful devices.  The most useful to date are a ‘scrying’ glass made from an assembly of wood, glass and stone that allow the user to see anyone in the world who they concentrate on, and a translating bracelet that allows the user to speak and understand any language.   She has attempted to give herself other superpowers through special tattoos, but these have had only limited success.  Along with her divorced Mom, she is addicted to historical romance novels.


Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) as Sara Gettinger

Superpower: Able to bend light and sound around her body to appear as anyone or anything she chooses

Sara attended the Thatchwood pre-school with the other girls, but then at the age of seven her family moved from Jefferson to Red Wing, Minnesota.  She is one-half Native American and her father revealed her secret to the Sioux tribal council.  However they believe she truly transforms into creatures like wolves and bears like the ‘skinwalkers’ of legend.  They don’t know Sara really only bends light and sound without physically transforming and that she can just as easily make herself look like other people in addition to animals.  Mack first became aware of Sara when she had to reveal her gift to the tribal elders to get their help in finding a long lost Indian cure.  As a result of Mack’s conversations with the elders, it appears the girls may be part of an ancient Indian prophecy and that time travel to the 15th century may lay in their future.


Annasophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries) as Gail Barrett

Superpower: Ghost

Gail, who died in a drinking related car crash in 1957, is Gracie’s best friend among the world of ghosts and her de facto liaison with many others.  Like all ghosts, she is incredibly beautiful – forever looking like her dream version of herself.  Also like all ghosts she can’t stray more than ten miles from her final resting place – forever trapping her in Jefferson.  Through another aspect of Gracie’s unique gift for communicating with ghosts, she can make Gail look solid and alive for up to one hour at a time.

+ + +

Since this story includes time travel, conversations with long dead ghosts, and Alexandra’s incredible long life, I have put together the following timeline of what is currently known to help keep everything straight and consistent.

Distance   from the present (years) Date Important   Historical Dates and currently known facts about Alexandra’s prior life.
0 2013 AD Present
30 1980s Alexandra   lives in Australia under name Elizabeth Penworth
120 1890s Alexandra   is Lady Chatsworth in England
1430-1440 AD Timeframe   when the girls are supposed to travel into the past according to the Indian   Legends and conversations with the ghost of the Sioux shaman Screeching   Crow.  However apparently someone lost   count and the actual date appears to be 10-15 years earlier
595 1418 AD Alexandra   is living in Florence under name Giovanna degli Bicci married to Rinaldo di   Onofrio Strozzi.  Arrived two years   earlier from Rome.  Maid’s name   Alessandra (portly girl with dark hair and dark complexion from Naples or   Sicily)
636 1377 – 1383 AD Alexandra   arrives in Florence in 1377 from Verona under name Lucia della Scalla as   bride of Francesco di Bicci.  Lives in   Florence until 1383 when they and their two children (Polissena and Tommaso)   moved to Avignon, France for his uncle’s bank.  Maid’s name is Maria (fair hair and   skin).  Maria dies in Avignon in 1387   at age of 24 from plague.
1400 600 AD Alexandra   was Alessandra, Duchess of Brescia, in northern Italy.  At odds with Queen Theolinda of the   Lombards (Queen from 588 to 616 AD)
2850 833 BC Alexandra   rules the Olmec Empire in South America (source of the El Dorado legend)
3260 1250 BC Alexandra   participates in the Trojan Wars (on the side of Troy) under the name Ainia   with her two Amazonian friends Ioxeia and Pharetre (both killed in battle)
4500 2500 BC The   height of the first Ancient Egyptian Empire.    The Great Pyramids are built
7000 5000 BC Alexandra   lives in a Polynesian culture in the South Pacific
8000 6000 BC Noah’s   flood.  Deluge refills Black Sea in   matter of days
8150 6150 – 6100 BC End   of Ice Age, Mediterranean refills over fifty years, Fall of Atlantis
8150-8950 6950 – 6150 BC Time   of the Atlantis Empire.  Centered in   the eastern Mediterranean.  Technology   reaches levels equivalent to Victorian England (steam trains, gas lights,   telegraphs and limited electricity)
10300 8300-7900 BC Alexandra   rules an unnamed empire covering most of the Eurasian continent south of the Great Northern Ice Cap.  Thinks she is a god. The Great Sphinx is   created.
12000 10000 BC Time   of the Lemurian Empire.  Centered in   South America. Eloise Dubois, the head of the Cadeaux Magiques Fashion House,   is overheard to be speaking in the long dead language of this Empire.
17000 15000 BC Fall   of Alexandra’s original civilization due to ‘gray goo’ nanotech   accident.  Start of the Ice Age.

I would really appreciate any feedback you would like to provide, if you chose to read this first portion of the story, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks, Duane

May 10, 2012

Elena’s Revenge: Vampire Diaries – Primeval cross-over fanfiction story

Elena's Revenge

Update 5/11/2012

At the moment I have 29 chapters of this story written. I’ve decided if I post three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) this is enough to last for 10 weeks or until the middle of July. Since it took about 10 weeks to write these first 29 chapters, hopefully, this is enough of a lead to get the rest of the story finished before I run out of chapters. The story feels more than halfway finished at this point, so unless I get a big brainstorm of something new and cool to add, it should be done in maybe 15-20 more chapters. If it does run that long, it should be enough to keep posting almost until the start of the new season of Vampire Diaries. It would be cool if I could start posting the day after the end of the third season and end right at the beginning of the four season. It would be almost like my story was a missing season of the show!

Since you have gone to the bother of visiting this blog, I guess I could throw out a few hints of things that are coming in the story as a little bonus for your effort. First, since this is a time-travel story, people who are dead can be visited in the past. On the Vampire Diaries side, we get to visit my personal favorite guest star. This character was killed during the first season and then was in a flashback episode in season two. On the Primeval side, a couple of characters killed off in the third season will make a reappearance.

Let’s see, what else? How about a hint of things to come on the action side? Well, since Bonnie has made several references to her family getting caught up in the Salem Witch Trials and the survivors then moving to Mystic Falls, we will get to see a little of the story behind these events. And on the Primeval side, the crew will end up in a life-and-death struggle against the future predators that will ultimately engulf the British Royal Family, too.

And of course, what would a Vampire Diaries story be without some Elena-Stefan-Damon angst? I’m afraid it will be a fairly long wait until Stefan and Damon make their appearance in this story. And when they do finally show up, they won’t be the familiar characters from the TV show. If you asked Elena whether she would prefer a vampire Stefan or a human Stefan, I think she would chose a human Stefan. And since she now sort of has access to time travel, it seems perfectly logical she would just use time travel to go back before Stefan is turned. I think modern-day Elena’s trip back to 1864 Mystic Falls is going to be one of the best parts of this story!

Anyway, if you found this page other than from my link within the story, and you found this intriguing enough to want to read the story, you can get to the beginning of it by clicking here.

Oh, and the illustration above is my first quick stab at a piece of cover art for this story.  If anyone, who has more photoshopping skills than me, would like to do another one, I will be happy to stick it up here.  (Perhaps one with more of the characters from the story like Caroline, Bonnie, Abby, Jess and maybe even a giant dinosaur?)  If so, drop me a message.


September 21, 2008

Origins – A sequel to Biological Families

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Here is one of my ‘works in progress’.  ORIGINS is a Smallville story and a sequel to ‘Biological Families’. It will explore the origin of a number of things like the Kryptonian race, Brainiac, Superman’s ‘suit’, and more.  It will mostly take place 17,000 years ago during the final days of Chloe’s original, long lost, high-tech civilization.

The first two chapters are available here.

The following artwork is by jedwar.tevas, August 10, 2010

Updated 2/3/2013:  New cover art for the FanFiction.net website.  Created using Pulp-o-Mizer:

Origins - Cover 02 - Pulp

1963 – A ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Story

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a new favorite of mine.  After only a couple of episodes, I had a strong urge to tell a new story, exploring things a little differently than they are doing in the show. And what intrigues me the most is Cameron’s evolution from robot girl to something more. Now, if you have read some of my other stories, you will know I have an affinity for time travel stories. Although unlike most of my others which primarily stick to one place in time, the first arc of this saga jumps around a lot with each chapter taking place in a different time period or alternate time line (Sort of how the old show ‘Sliders’ did each episode).

The first arc, consisting of four chapters, are available here.

What was going to be the fifth chapter, exploring the next time line, kept growing in size and scope until it needed to be its own story rather than just a single chapter. The idea came to me when I started watching the new ‘90210’ TV show and it reminded me of how Brian Austin Green had appeared in that show’s earlier incarnation, I decided a cross-over chapter with 90210 might be fun. In the end it grew to five chapters and I think it turned out well. A lot of the people who have sent me comments said they thought Terminator+90210 was a pretty bizarre mash-up, but that, surprisingly, it worked.

This second arc of my Terminator story is available here.

So now I have started thinking about what to do next. I sort of like the longer form of the previous arc, where the story stays in one time line for multiple chapters. And I thought the obscure, unexpected cross-over was fun and I would like to try it again. So, I am thinking of doing another cross-over only even more obscure.

At the moment I am thinking the next story will be a variation of them battling Skynet on the moon in the late 1970’s I had mentioned in the last chapter of the first story. And for a long-time sci-fi fan like me, the obvious cross-over for this time frame is the 1970 British TV show ‘UFO’.

The show was set in the distant future year of 1980 and involved a secret organization (with its headquarters buried below a British movie studio) battling alien invaders. Now if you aren’t old enough to remember 1970, when this show was created, you may not understand how things on this show like the existence of many large moon-based operations by multiple countries and corporations felt entirely possible a mere ten years in the future. But in 1970 it had been less than ten years since the first person had gone into space and they had already landed a man on the moon. I think if you asked people in 1970 which was more likely: the space travel of this show in ten years or mankind not sending anyone back to the moon for more than 50 years, they would have all voted that events in the show were more likely. What has happened with space travel in the last few decades seems to be almost ‘stranger than fiction’.

Anyway, as I said, this show was done in 1970 and tried to extrapolate things to 1980. And not only did they try to extrapolate technology, but also everything else. It feels so anachronistic, at least to a modern American, to see all the characters sitting around their offices smoking cigars and drinking hard liquor. And then there are the fashions. 1970 England was still in the whole ‘mod’ scene and this show is a lot like Austin Powers on steroids – the men all wear turtlenecks and Nehru jackets and the women are all in short, short skirts. But my favorite bit was always the women who manned the secret organization’s moon operations. They dressed in these shiny metallic jumpsuits and all wore matching purple wigs. I think it would be a lot of fun to see Sarah, Cameron, Naomi, and Lisa forced to wear the purple wigs and skin-tight spacesuits to blend in!

I still have to figure out the ‘hook’ to tie these two stories together into a seamless whole, but it simply feels like it will be a lot of fun if I can make it work.

Just to help you picture what I am talking about, here are a couple of photos. You can find lots more info, if you google ‘ufo tv series’.

The first two chapters of the third arc of my Terminator story are available here.

Can you picture Cameron, Sarah, Lisa & Naomi in these moonbase outfits?

Can you picture Cameron, Sarah, Lisa & Naomi in these moonbase outfits?

The moonbase from the show

The moonbase from the show

The DVD available from Netflix or Amazon

The DVD available from Netflix or Amazon

If you would like to discuss my overall terminator saga, or more specifically the upcoming story arc with ‘UFO’, please leave a comment.

Are you a Cameron Fan?

August 4, 2008

The Portal — My first fanfic

Artwork by jedwar.tevas, July 20, 2010

This story was the first piece of fiction I ever wrote.  You can read it here.

It is a Smallville story set near the end of season 1.  This story involves Clark, Chloe, Lex, and Lana being stranded in ancient Rome by a time machine.  There is a big plot twist involving Chloe which occurs in chapter 5 and exploring the consequences of this plot twist is the whole reason I wrote the story.  Let’s just say it involves some far-out nanotechnology.

Let’s see, what else?  Oh – Romantic pairings – First up Clark & Chloe.  Chloe has always been my favorite and even though they were half way through the second season when I started writing the story, I set it right before the season 1 finale because that was when Clark and Chloe were briefly a couple.  When I started the story, that was the only pairing I had planned, but then in the middle of the story a story line involving Lex and Lana just seemed to blossom of its own accord.

I finished this story before I started my first ‘works in progress’ page, so I never created a ‘book cover’ piece of artwork to go with it.  Plus with my meager photoshop skills, getting Clark, Chloe, Lex and Lana appropriately attire in Roman togas was beyond me. Therefore I want to give a big THANKS to jedwar.tevas for creating this piece of artwork for me. If anyone else feels inspired to do a piece of fan art for one of my stories, I will gladly add it to this page. Duane

Artwork by jedwar.tevas, June 16, 2010

Updated 2/3/2013 – New Cover Art for the fanfiction.net website.  Created using the Pulp-O-Mizer:

The Portal - Cover 02 - Pulp

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