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July 15, 2015

Dragons of Nippon – a new Vampire Diaries Novella now available at Amazon

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Update 7/15/2015

Dragons of Nippon is NOW available at Amazon!

Dragons of Nippon (which takes place in the year 1596) is a part of my series of stories exploring the life of Katerina Petrova (AKA Katherine Pierce) before she arrives in Mystic Falls in 1864.  This story is a sequel to Royalty Gene (set in 1554) and Dark Awakening (set in 1492), however the stories are relatively standalone and can be read in any order.


After a disastrous encounter with Niklaus in 1564, Katerina barely escapes with her life. As a result, she heads east in hopes of getting as far away from Niklaus and Europe as she can. Over the course of many years her travels take her across India and China before she finally ends up in the island nation of Nippon, the easternmost bastion of civilization.

By 1596, Katerina has been living in Nippon for three years and using her glamour to compel everyone she encounters to believe she is the Nipponese noblewoman, Lady Kumiko. She has adjusted to the eastern lifestyle, but is still forever looking over her shoulder in fear Niklaus will make an appearance even though she has run to the far other end of the world.

Because of her never-ending fear of her old adversary, she allows herself to get drawn into a scheme to steal the magical treasure held by a dragon. Her sole motivation is that her share of the booty is to be a device which will allow her to always know Niklaus’ location. And knowing his location may finally lift the nearly unbearable burden of a potential future encounter.

But stealing from a giant, fire-breathing dragon is not for the faint of heart. And powerful opponents are after the same prize. This quest could easily turn out to be the most dangerous thing Katerina has ever attempted in a hundred years as a vampire.


I was inspired to write this story after seeing a display of Samurai Armor at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.  The Samurai Era seemed like it might be an interesting setting for a story and since I knew little about Japan in that period, it required some research, which is one of the parts of the writing process I enjoy.  Many of the characters are based on historical people of that era or earlier periods with tweaks as necessary to incorporate vampires, dragons, and the other magical aspects of the story.


Note: The link above will take you to Amazon where you can buy the book. And, as with all Kindle books, once you are there you have the option to read the first 10% for FREE to help you decide if you want to buy.


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