Duane’s Fiction


I started writing fan fiction back in 2002 and found I enjoy writing.  I post on fanfiction.net because they seem to have the most traffic of the various similar sites out there.  To directly access my stories there, click here.

I generally try to post chapters of at least 10,000 words, so the reader has plenty of time to get sucked into the story each time.  (I hate when I am following someone else’s story and I see they have added a new chapter and it turns out to be only 1,000 words and takes all of five minutes to read.)  Anyway, I generally can’t crank out a long chapter in only a day or two, but rather it typically takes more like 3-4 weeks when I am writing steadily.  So eventually I decided to do a ‘work in progress’ page.  I thought this might be fun as it gives readers an opportunity to see how a chapter evolves during my writing process.


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