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November 8, 2014

My Date with a Mad Scientist is now available at Amazon!

Update 11/8/2014


My Date with a Mad Scientist is NOW available at Amazon!

Back in 2012 a couple of things were absorbing my attention and made me think if I combined them, the result might be a fun story.

The first was discovering the world of Twitter. I don’t really use it to communicate with anyone, but more to voyeur a little into celebrities’ lives or at least the portion they chose to share with the world. And I have found my tastes quickly gravitated to B-list actresses from old sci-fi TV shows and movies like Dina Meyer, Katee Sackhoff, Cassidy Freeman, Tricia Helfer, Jeri Ryan, Sandra Hess, Kari Wuhrer, and the like. It is fun to see how some just post motivational quotes, some mostly post photos of their pets, while others use it to promote their projects and personal causes.

The other thing that occupying my attention  was a couple of Australian kid shows available through Netflix. The first was ‘H2O’, a show about three high school girls who can turn into mermaids.  The other was ‘Wicked Science’ (sadly not currently available on streaming Netflix) about a pair of high school kids who get zapped by a mysterious ray that turns them into super geniuses. In every episode they created some new outrageous sci-fi device like a teleportation machine or a raygun that can shrink people, or clones, or time machines, or robots that can pass for people, or invisibility cremes. And the list goes on and on.

Anyway I got to thinking about it and decided perhaps I could do an interesting story if I smashed together a B-list actress with a mad scientist who could create all kinds of crazy things. It is one of those story ideas where you have to write it all straight and serious yet it is really just light, fast, and fluffy.

Also I find it helps me visualize the characters and keep them consistent if I select who I would like to play them, if the book were turned into a movie.  So here is who I imagine the main characters look like:


Dina Meyer as Catherine ‘Cat’ Webb. In addition to acting in countless movies on the SyFy Channel, Cat Webb starred in the old sci-fi TV series, Radiant Angel, where she played Samantha Wingate, a private eye with secret unearthly gifts. Now, with the series barely more than a faded memory, she spends part of her free time on the comic book convention circuit signing autographs and doing photo ops – like many other B-list genre actors. One day, while attending the Dallas Con, her life takes an unexpected turn into the secret world of Mad Scientists.


Guy Pearce as Will Carlson. At first glance, Will appears to be nothing more than a meek, somewhat nerdy, guy who would be most at home driving a computer terminal at some high tech firm. But Will has a big secret, he is a long time member of what is euphemistically referred to as the Mad Scientist Club. Born in 995 A.D. and one of the last warrior-priests in the old Norse religion, he was given, at the age of 46, the Elixir of Life upon being inducted into The Society of the Great and Noble Descendants of Lemuria, Sarmat, Rama, Osiri, Uiger, Aroi, Tiahuanaco, and Atlantis. Now, Will operates out of his secret citadel buried far beneath the city of Fort Worth, Texas, where he experiments on whatever interests him at the moment, and occasionally, when the need arises, saves the world.


Olivia Wilde as Danielle Manford. Elle, as she is known to her friends and closest associates, is a member of the secret Society’s High Council. And of all the members of the High Council, her past is the most shrouded in mystery. She is rumored to be the famous alchemist from antiquity, Mary the Jewess. Other even more obsure stories hinted she had originally been Mariam, sister of the prophets Moses and Aaron. But now, regardless of her true origins, Elle is THE premier genetic engineer on the planet being the first person to successfully resurrect long extinct dinosaurs as well as endowing enhanced cats with the ability to speak. The expertise and skills acquired over her thousands of years of life will be put to the test if the world is to be saved from the machinations of The Alexander Alliance, the Society’s and her personal long-time nemeses. However Catherine can’t help but wonder about Elle’s relationship with Will after the countless adventures the two Mad Scientists have shared over the last ten centuries.


Matt Bomer as Benjamin Franklin. Ben, the first American-born member of the Society, has spent most of the last two centuries as the Society’s main troubleshooter. Along with Will and Elle, he will have his work cut out for him this time, as the Alexander Alliance’s plot to gain control of the world has left the thirty-four largest American cities, including his beloved Philadelphia, nothing more than radioactive ruins after the detonation of a series of powerful anti-matter bombs. The highly restricted time displacement equipment, which hasn’t been used since one of the Alliance’s prior plots allowed the Nazis to win the second World War, will once more have to be called into play.


John Coo as Zhage Liang. Liang, the foremost strategist in recorded history, was born in China in the 2nd century. Figuring out a solution to the current crisis will fall on his shoulders and his ultimate invention, the Probability Engine. Like some steampunk design run wild, the gigantic three hundred by three hundred by three hundred foot cube-shaped device filled with billions of moving parts will spit out the most probably solution to any question. And this time the solution may lead to secret Society and Alliance enclaves located on Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or the satellites circling the mighty Gas Giants.


Rami Malek as Imhotep. Imhotep, the Head of the Society’s High Council, is, while looking a youthful twenty-five, the oldest living member of the Society. An ancient Egyptian Visier and High Priest, he oversaw the construction of the first of the great pyramids almost 4700 years ago.


Elijah Wood as Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci, the greatest creative genius of this millenia, doesn’t often emerge from his secret laboratories. But the consequences of the current crisis are so profound, even he might not be able to sit quietly on the sidelines.


Henry Cavill as Alexander the Great. Alexander had long ago been an honored member of the Society’s High Council. But he always felt with their superior mental and physical gifts, the Society should rule the world. When the majority of the Council balked at his plan, he attempted to conquer the world by force of arms. As a result, for almost 2500 years Alexander and his followers have been in a state of war with the Society.


Alice Greczyn as Cleopatra. With her incredible youth and beauty, no one would ever suspect Cleo is THE CLEOPATRA, the two thousand-year-old former lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. A descendant of Alexander, she is a long time member of the Alliance. And her path has crossed with Will and Elle and other members of the Society many times before. She owes Will a major favor after he saved her life when she secretly stowed away on the first flight to the Moon in 1865, which was launched using a giant cannon hidden within Mount Kilimajaro in the heart of Africa. And Cat may have to collect on this almost forgotten debt, if she is to survive after being captured by The Alliance.


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