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July 13, 2013

Felecity’s Secret

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Arrow is probably my favorite new show of the 2012-2013 season.  Although I think it would have been a lot more fun, if they didn’t have the silly restriction of ‘no superpowers’.  Why can’t these shows ever give the audience what they really want?  First, Smallville had their idiotic ‘no flights, no tights’ rule.  And now Arrow has their ‘no superpowers’ rule.  So, in the end it is up to us in the world of fanfiction to do the stories we really want to see.

My favorite character on ‘Arrow’ is Felicity.  I love her feistiness.  Anyway, I was thinking, if I was going to do an ‘Arrow’ story it had to involve superpowers.  And I wanted to have Felicity at the center of things.  So I decided it would be the most fun if Felicity had superpowers.  Blonde hair, glasses, the obvious choice was to make her Supergirl and have her living incognito in Starling City.

So far I have seven chapters of this story done and we have had appearances by Supergirl, Superman, Oracle, and Green Lantern.  Superman has been out in the world for about 12 years and the JLA has been in existence for most of that time.  Felicity/Supergirl is 24 and has been on Earth for ten years.

Of course, like most other people, I ship Felicity/Oliver.  In this story, Felicity has it bad for Oliver, but is afraid if he learns her secret, it will scare him away.  So she is trying to hide her gifts, but situations keep arising where she has to use them.

If you found this intriguing enough to want to read the story, you can get to the beginning of it by clicking here.


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