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June 20, 2011

Start of a second new series – Teleporter Girl

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Update 5/10/2012

Teleporter Girl is NOW available at Amazon!

Teleportation (n) – The ability to move instantly from one location to another.

Mackenzie Thomas, a high school sophomore in the small town of Jefferson, Minnesota, has a big secret.  She’s tall, she’s blonde, she looks like a Scandinavian supermodel, but those aren’t Mack’s big secret.  No, her big secret is her ability to teleport; a gift she has had for as long as she can remember.  In the past, she has never ventured further than simple excursions to nearby Minneapolis, but now, on her sixteenth birthday, she teleports all the way to Paris – initiating a chain of events resulting in the most intense week of her life.

Mack will discover clues to the source of her unique teleportation ability and how the same long ago event is also responsible for her best friend Gracie Denton’s equally unusual gifts.  For Gracie can see and interact with shades.  And before the week is over, they will need the aid of these nearly countless invisible allies.

While uncovering the source of their special talents, Mack and Gracie learn they are not alone, as they have always believed.  Almost two dozen of their classmates may secretly possess similar miraculous mental and physical abilities.

Meanwhile, a mysterious illness is striking Jefferson’s citizens.  As Mack and Gracie race around the globe in search of a cure, they must also determine the identities of these other girls.  For only by combining their gifts and working as a team will they be able to locate the formula for a long lost antidote and acquire the crucial ingredients.

As secret after unexpected secret is revealed during their quest, Mack will discover her destiny is greater than she had ever imagined.  For this girl of Jefferson, life will never be the same.


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