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April 5, 2009

A place to read my ‘Chapters in Progress’ and discuss my various stories

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I started a ‘Chapter in Progress’ page several years ago for a couple of reasons. First, I like to do long chapters of 10,000 words or more, so when you get a new chapter from me you will know you have a nice long read that tells its own portion of the overall story. Of course, the downside of long chapters is that they also take a long time to write. Therefore for the people who don’t mind getting the new chapter in smaller chunks, they can find it here. Secondly, I thought some people might find my creative process interesting. To help you follow how a chapter evolves during its development, you can use the ‘track changes’ function in Word. With this function turned on, the most recent changes I have made will be highlighted in a different color like red. Generally, I write in a very linear fashion from the beginning to the end of the chapter. But lots of time I proofread the last couple of days worth of writing to clean up typos and tweak sentences that just don’t flow right. I do occasionally go back and make more extensive changes when some new idea which will greatly improve the story occurs to me.

I have had a different version of this ‘Chapter in Progress’ page up for several years. During that time people have sent me e-mails asking questions or making suggestions for changes. I decided others might also be interested in these on-going conversations. So I have decided to redo my ‘Chapter in Progress’ page into a more blog-like format. This way it will be easier to have a more dialog-oriented discussion.

If you have comments of a general nature, or if you just feel a need to kick me to be more prolific, post them here. If your comments are more specific to a particular story, you can post them in the appropriate entry below.

I hope you find this site interesting,



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