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September 21, 2008

Origins – A sequel to Biological Families

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Here is one of my ‘works in progress’.  ORIGINS is a Smallville story and a sequel to ‘Biological Families’. It will explore the origin of a number of things like the Kryptonian race, Brainiac, Superman’s ‘suit’, and more.  It will mostly take place 17,000 years ago during the final days of Chloe’s original, long lost, high-tech civilization.

The first two chapters are available here.

The following artwork is by jedwar.tevas, August 10, 2010

Updated 2/3/2013:  New cover art for the FanFiction.net website.  Created using Pulp-o-Mizer:

Origins - Cover 02 - Pulp



  1. Hi Duane!

    Anything coming up for Origins? 🙂

    Need someone to brainstorm with? 🙂

    Comment by Breanna — November 8, 2008 @ 1:35 pm

  2. Hi Bre,

    I am thinking after I finish the current chapter for my Terminator story (which is about half done), I may get back to work on ‘Origins’ and finish the first chapter.

    The thing I have been thinking about lately is Clark’s ‘suit’ and how I want to update it and bring it into the 21st century.

    Remember in the first Spiderman movie how Peter’s first spiderman suit that he wore to the wrestling event looked like a pair of pajamas with an attached hood/mask? And then how next time you saw it, it was upgraded to the final version? (Oh, and by the way, how did he make that fancy version just working in his free time in his bedroom?)

    Well, I am planning to do something similar. The ‘suit’ Chloe gives him in the first few pages is just temporary until they get back to her old high tech civilization. Then it is going to get a serious nanotechnology upgrade.

    Some of the capabilities I currently envision the new suit will have:

    1) Self-repair for damage.
    2) Morphing technology. Clark won’t wear it under his street clothes. No, the suit will be able to change appearance so it will look like his everyday jeans, tee shirt, and jacket when he needs them. And then it will be able to change into a ‘suit and tie’ or THE ‘suit’ whenever he needs it to change.
    3) It will have a built-in computer/AI to perform many of the functions Chloe & Lana’s internal ‘bots do for information storage and data collection. It will have a visual display that can form on the sleeve or any other location that is convenient. It will also have a high speed, high frequency audio interface so only Clark can ‘hear’ it.

    I sort of envision the ‘suit’ evolving into Clark’s personal assistant/companion.

    I may have to netflix the movie ‘My favorite Martian’, the Christopher Lloyd version. Under all the humor, I seem to recall some interesting capabilities were incorporated into his martian suit.

    Here are a couple of details I wouldn’t mind input on:

    A. Since it is going to have its own personality, it seems like Clark’s suit needs a name (and Lex’s and potential Chloe’s and Lana’s also). Any suggestions?

    B. What sort of personality should the suit have? A simple computer interface seems boring. Should it be a stuffy, all-knowing servant – like the British Jeeves? Or something with a little more edgy sassiness? Male or female? Possibly like the Laura variant of Chloe? Hmm, lots of possibilities.

    C. Since the movie ‘The Incredibles’ made such a strong case that capes have negative value, what is the reason Clark’s suit continues to have the traditional big red cape? Is there some functional purpose it serves? At the moment it isn’t obvious to me, but somewhere over the course of the story, I would like to work in a reason for the cape.

    Anyway, that is one aspect of the first chapter I am thinking about at the moment.

    As always, it is good to hear from you,

    Comment by duaneaakre — November 8, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

  3. Hi Duane.
    So sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. You know how life is 😛

    Very interesting ideas. I like most of them.

    1. ‘Lois and Clark’ always gave Clark a “aura” that protected the things that are that close to his skin, but this has not happened in Smallville, so I can see this as a cure for that. Although, you gave him an aura of sorts in Biological Families, so maybe the nanobots could be tweaked to work with that. Speaking of nanobots, do they use Chloe’s body as a energy source of sorts? Cause his aura could work as that since they won’t be inside of his body.

    2. I am not too crazy about the morphing. That totally destroys the whole “tear open the shirt to reveal the “S Shield”, and the “making sure that the suit doesn’t show through the shirt”. You are a guy, so you probably won’t relate, but the tearing open of the shirt to reveal the “S” always gave me the “happy shivers” so to speak (and a Big Huge smile… you just can’t not smile at that).

    Plus, then it would pretty much be the only clothes he ever wears anymore… and eww who wants that? Although, if you want it to do a kind of chameleon thing so it doesn’t show through as much when he’s wearing a white shirt, that would be interesting (but that was just a spur of the moment thought that I had right now).

    3. Does he need a build in computer after the Purl Nous procedure? (speaking of which… why does FFN only go up to chapter 20??? What happened to the last half of the fic???) I do like the whole visual display thing though, that is kinda cool. Is it something that maybe Chloe will put some of her knowledge into? (cool, and weird, especially if it gets too much personal information! lol, be careful there). Personally, I would be kinda weirded out to be wearing a suit with its own personality. It’s not like it’s Jarvis uploaded into the Iron Man suit. It’s skin tight! I would totally be wearing underclothes under it, just cause… weird, yeah, weird. Plus, you have to be careful of the fact that there’s always people that think that it’s the suit that has the power, not the man. And the cool thing about Superman (as oppose to say Batman), was that he was Superman whether or not he was in the suit. Anything he could do in the suit, he could do outside of the suit as Clark Kent. He should never be hampered in what he can do because he doesn’t have the suit. He might be hampered because of not wanting to do something and blow his cover. But he should still be able to do it while swimming in his birthday suit. 😛

    A/B. Hmm… I will have to think of names… but it will probably depend on what the personality type is. And if you DO give it a personality (though I am not crazy about that…), I don’t think it should be right away. After all, it took a LONG time for Chloe’s bot system to be more than just a computer. (You think Lana’s should have Lena integrated into it? That would be an interesting way to keep her around… and if I was Lana, I would want someway to keep my daughter around… maybe throw in Alexander for Lex… although, couldn’t you just see them trying to one up each other??? Lex jealous of the 2000 years, Alexander jealous that Lex is physically there with Lana). For Clark, I think the only female personality that he would be comfortable with would be Chloe… but, he would have to make sure to not end up talking/relying upon more and more to the Chloe suit since it’s always there, as opposed to the real Chloe.
    If you have all of them having suits, would be cool if they could pass information to each other (only by touch?). But try not to make them tooo much of the story, since they aren’t real people 😛

    C. This is easy. It is to deprive us rabid fan girls of seeing his sexy behind. Clark may be the most powerful man on earth, and may have the Purl Nous intellect, but he still has the shy farmboy inside of him… especially when it comes to skin tight clothes out in public! He can’t cover up the front too well (a skirt would look stupid! :P) But I think he’d cling to a way of some type of coverage for his rear end.
    Besides, what does he have to worry about getting sucked into a jet engine? Sure it would destroy the engine, but he’d be fine. And he would be up there to save a plane anyways, so it was already going down. 😛 How far would a rocket be able to take him? And if it’s worrisome them, have some type of quick release. The Incredibles characters didn’t have his invulnerability 😛

    I do have a couple of other ideas that I would like to throw your way, too.

    I will put them in a separate post.


    Comment by Breanna — March 31, 2009 @ 11:45 pm

  4. edit… sorry, FFN DOES go up to chapter 24, lol… I had to scroll down. don’t laugh at me… it’s late 😛

    Comment by Breanna — April 1, 2009 @ 12:03 am

  5. oh, another edit…

    In keeping with my Lena/Alexander comment, you COULD have Clark’s be Ares… if you want. I don’t know if that would work… Definitely not as well as the Lena/Alexander one would work. It might be weird that Ares is so close to Lana… rather than Chloe.

    ok.. on to typing my other thoughts, lol. Sorry for the multiple posts, I didn’t see an edit function.

    Comment by Breanna — April 1, 2009 @ 12:09 am

  6. Ok… thoughts:

    1. On Chloe not aging. She has such FINE control of her bots, and the computer power is sooo strong, I don’t see any reason why she can’t “age” herself. The bots have tons of information on how cells grow and change. Obviously, since she has touched “assimilated” people in different times of their lives (her daughter being a good example since they were around each other for years and years). They can obviously extrapolate what she might look like when she is “older”. If bots can re-grow bones and teeth, why can they not make her a bit taller, give her some wrinkles, etc. It is mainly automatic, I realize, but she was able to control it in the Roman torture chamber to look like she was still hurt… so I don’t see any problems with that.

    As far as that thought being brought up. I would not be surprised if Chloe didn’t think about it. Chloe is SOOO good dealing with/adapting to outer stimuli, but not as much with inner changes. She is so use to things being the way they are inside of her, that it could be hard to think outside of what she thinks her bots can do. She knows they can do TONNNNNS, but there has to be things they can do that she has not thought of, case in point her healing ability. How long would it have taken her to think of that if she hadn’t have been in the situation that she was in? She is SO convinced that she will be 16 forever… maybe she hasn’t even tried to change it.

    2. Regarding her having kids. Can she control her ovulation? I am assuming that that would not be too difficult. Although, you have stated that the bots do not transfer to her children, does that mean that they are not in her eggs? (a woman has about 400,000 eggs when she is born. One or more mature every month until menopause. In Chloe’s case, if she ovulated every month for 19000 years, she’d be a little over halfway through her supply.) Since her eggs are a part of her, I don’t see why the bots wouldn’t be in them. Would they leave when the DNA changed when a sperm added to the egg and made it a new person? The baby would still be in contact with her through the cord. I could see it being built into the bots right from the start to leave a fetus. Especially since they were experimental. But, I could also see Chloe being able to move them into the baby, but not wanting to, just because of not wanting to mess the kid up or anything. That would be an interesting story. “The bots don’t transfer to my children… but I *can* make them if I want…” Throw in some story of her doing that, and how it affected the baby. It was never quite a “kid”, always way tooo old for its age (or even a bit messed up if it was after the Sliviuh period). Didn’t play, didn’t have that “innocence” that kids have… etc. But mainly, since the bots stunt growth, maybe the baby never stopped being a baby, and she had to give it up for adoption (never touch it) in order to allow it to grow and mature (course, that in itself might end the pregnancy if it was done early enough… what would happen if the baby stopped growing at, say, 20 weeks gestation, but didn’t die because it was always healthy? So you’d probably have to do it later on, at say 35+ weeks) And so Chloe vows to never do that again (unless it’s to save the life of the child?) until she can do it and NOT transfer her memories/be able to control the growth of the child.

    OK… I had more thoughts on the stories, but is late and I can’t remember them all 😛 I will post again when I remember.

    Hope to hear from you soon. (have it set to email me if you reply 🙂 )

    Comment by Breanna — April 1, 2009 @ 12:47 am

  7. OK… I just realized I kinda rambled on with that last one (#2) 😛 was just weird thoughts going through my head. Having had gone through pregnancy myself, and wondering what my child is experiencing/seeing/hearing while in utero just led me to how the bots would effect the baby… I’m sure those thoughts, or thoughts like them, would have occurred to Chloe once she realized that the bots can be transferred.

    Oh, did Chloe find Var-El when he crash landed and helped him become Virgil Swan? Otherwise, I have no idea why he would have chosen that name, having had heard it from the “device” that they had to get from Horst. He probably assumed that there was already someone named Virgil Swan… But it would have to be future Chloe that helped him, cause neither of the Chloe’s of that time would know to. You did have Chloe working with him her second time through the past 2000 years, but that could have been Var-El contacting her at the request of future Chloe. Especially if it is future Clark & Chloe that rescued him from the government (or whoever it was).

    So, have you thought anymore on what Chloe’s original name is going to be? Too bad you already had her going by Lois 😛 Would have been fun if Lois is who she has been all along, not just another pseudonym (not that you can’t still have that be her name… since she knew she was going to be going back to her time, she decided to use that name again).

    Oh, side note… I found it rather funny that Gretchen started out as “I speak a little english” fumbling with words and such, to completely fluent with no problems what so ever. You might just want to change the beginning and say she speaks english with no problems. Cause it might be many chapters later, but to her, it is only, what, a day or so?

    Oh… did you ever say what happened to the other Samson braid that Whitney had? He gave Lana the one wrapped around his arm, I was very surprised she didn’t take the one around his waist, too. Especially after he was fatally injured.

    More later… when I remember. I should just write them down when I think of them 😛

    Comment by Breanna — April 3, 2009 @ 2:29 am

  8. Hi Bre,

    Goodness, you certainly have a lot of thoughts about a story that has been dormant for over a year. You are going to single-handedly motivate me to get back to work on it.

    Let’s see:

    Clark’s aura – I really hadn’t thought about that approach much. Earlier in the story I was mostly conforming to the TV show’s method and let his clothes get destroyed quite frequently. I seemed to subconsciously start to use the ‘aura’ approach about the time Clark learned to fly. I don’t really recall destroying his clothing after that time. So I guess I could more directly address the ‘aura’ concept going forward.

    Clark’s suit – Having Clark’s suit created by his Mom using the blanket she found in his spaceship just feels so 1930’s and I want to do something to update it. You asked who would want just one set of clothes, well, I, for one, would. If I could go through life with just one pair of jeans, a tee shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes, I would be happy. Of course, if we ever reach the ‘George Jetson’ ideal where we could just take one pill in the morning and then not need to eat all day, I would go for that too.

    Does Clark need a computer in the nanosuit since he has gone through ‘Purl Nous’? Probably not. Actually, maybe it would more fun if the AI in the suit is a side effect he is saddled with whether he wants it or not. And I wasn’t thinking of making it a true personality/person like the Laura character, but more just a smart AI personality. One potential use I could see for it is as an interface to the computer networks of Chloe’s civilization or the one’s in the present. And I don’t think its radio signal range limitations wouldn’t be as severely restricted as Chloe’s internal bots.

    Clark may not need it as much as the other characters, but one of the nanosuit capabilities I want to eventually use is that it can morph into a spacesuit. I think much of the next story will take place in outer space, so this would be a useful feature. And if the suit can morph its appearance and extrude an airtight helmet, the logical extension is the ability to make it skin tight over a person’s face and then allow it to effectively change their appearance. Allowing the suit to subtly change the appearance of Clark’s face would help get around the always annoying problem of why no one recognizes Clark and Superman as the same person.

    So the primary purpose of the cape is to keep girls from seeing his butt and that is important even though his ‘package’ is still prominently on display? Hmm, I didn’t realize that. I will have to work that into Chloe’s or Lana’s thoughts somewhere along the way. I am thinking from a technical standpoint the cape would be needed as either the power supply/recharging system for the suit or as extra nano material when it needs to morph into something larger like an emergency parachute (for non-Clark wearers) or similar.

    Chloe not aging – Could Chloe use her bots to age her appearance? Probably. However I think at some subconscious level she likes being 16 and that’s why she has never seriously tried to use them in that way.

    Chloe’s kids not inheriting her bots – Truthfully, I never put a lot of thought into the science behind it. When I first started this story, it seemed like either the bots weren’t inherited by her children or if they were in the subsequent 17,000 years everyone would have inherited them. I decided having Chloe being the sole survivor of her civilization and then being sort of the outsider through all those millennium would result in a more interesting story.

    Inconsistencies in the story like Gretchen’s English and Var El becoming Virgil Swann – I know a lot of writers do a detailed outline of the story and know everything that is going to happen before they start. At least so far, I have never done that. I usually only have a vague idea of where the story is going and feel lucky if I have good idea what I want to do with the current chapter. When I had the beam of light come out of Clark’s ship and hit Lex and then jump into Chloe’s bot system, I had no idea how I was going to cure them or what the ‘box’ Dr Jones was going to receive was going to do. But slowly while writing the intervening chapters it came to me.

    I guess the sudden improvement in Gretchen’s English sort of fell through the cracks. The story got so big I couldn’t seem to keep all of the details in my head at one time. Improving her English probably wasn’t necessary, the story could have gotten by with a combination of Indy’s limited German and Gretchen’s original more limited English.

    I guess I never went into any detail of how Var El ended up being Virgil Swann. I think the most logical explanation is that Chloe and/or Clark after the end of the story went back and gave Var El the necessary shove towards Virgil Swann. (And perhaps they were the ones who also helped the quadriplegic Var El escape from his original captivity after his crash).

    I am not sure if Virgil Swann or what ultimately happened to Var El’s wife is going to be a part of the upcoming story. Perhaps it will be addressed in some conversation or a flashback. I also don’t know if the Sliviuh2 possessed Lionel Luthor is going to be a part of this story either. I think I am going to very quickly jump the story back to Chloe’s original civilization and most of it is going to be set back there.

    New topics – I am thinking about what kind of civilization/government to have back then. Perhaps the sudden onset of the ice age would have forced a unification into a single world government – possibly in the form of a military dictatorship. I think this may play a part in why everyone’s nanosuits tend to have overtones of superhero costumes.

    Plus it would be apparent to everyone back there that during an ice age the planet couldn’t support its current population. So there would be multiple things going on to either force a premature end to the ice age or move food production into space or, more extreme, move a lot of the population off planet. So the scale of space activities will be way beyond what you might expect from a civilization only 30-40 years more advanced technologically than we are.

    Well, I think that is enough thoughts for one evening.


    Comment by Duane — April 5, 2009 @ 10:39 pm

  9. this there any hope for this fic to be continued? I liked both portal and bio families I would love to see this story finished. I wish smallville the show had half the direction that your stories have. Thanks for so many hours of enjoyment.


    Comment by christopher — May 26, 2010 @ 6:20 pm

    • Hi Chris,

      I guess working on this story has been low on my list of priorities. Sometimes I wonder how much of an audience there is for this story, which wouldn’t make any sense to the reader if they hadn’t already read the two prior stories. And I wonder how many readers are willing to wade through that half million words to get to this one.

      But having said that, I think I am going to finish up the second chapter of this story as my next writing project. After that, we’ll have to see if I feel motivated to continue on to chapter 3 or if I feel more enthused to write something else.

      If you liked this series, have you tried my ‘Chuck vs. LuthorCorp’ story? Lana is again one of the central characters although it is a completely different Lana from this series as rather than her body being saturated with nanobots it is instead wrapped in the nanosuit from season 8 of Smallville. It has been interesting to have all the intervening events from eight years of the TV show to play with whereas the ‘Portal’, ‘Biological Families’, ‘Origins’ storyline is still back around the end of season 1.

      Thanks for the ‘push’ to get me motivated. It is always nice to hear from someone who enjoys my stories.

      Comment by duaneaakre — May 26, 2010 @ 9:10 pm

  10. Even though this has been dead for now than a year, I would love to see it updated again as I am a huge fan of your work. (p.s chuck versus luthorcorp was amazing) I just had a possible oidea for the suits. maybe because they are nanotechnology too they could boost Lana or chloes signal and allow lex permanently to keep t activated if he chose to, which personally he would provided that it was Lana he was linked to.

    Comment by Jake — July 28, 2011 @ 2:01 pm

    • Hi Jake,

      At this point in time, I think the odds of my writing another chapter for ‘Origins’ is low. I don’t think the audience for this story is very large particularly now that the Smallville TV series has come to an end. And I am trying to focus more on things I can eventually try to sell on Amazon. I mean I enjoy writing, so I might as well try to make a few bucks from it.

      When I next feel the urge to write some more fanfiction, it will probably be an occasional new chapter for ‘Chuck vs LuthorCorp’. While this story still has some Smallville aspects, it is really more DC comics oriented, so it should have a little more general appeal. Also, it doesn’t require you to read two other really long stories first.

      Way back in the day, I started my ‘Kandor’ story specifically because I was so disappointed in the story in the ‘Superman Returns’ movie and thought I could come up with a more interesting story. And in some ways I feel the same way about the recent ‘Green Lantern’ movie. I mean I think the Green Lantern action sequence in the Fort Knox chapter of ‘Chuck vs LuthorCorp’ works better than any of the action sequences in the movie. And they must have paid the writers a huge pile of money and the best they could come up with for the main bad guy was a big, amorphous blob? For the movie to work, you need to have strong feelings for the characters – good or bad. And it is hard to have any feelings towards a cloud of roiling smoke.

      So I am tempted to write more of ‘Chuck vs LuthorCorp’ to explore more about the Sarah version of Green Lantern. Plus it would be fun to do a good origin story for the Justice League and explore more of the other superhero characters in this story. Therefore, I can see myself doing another chapter to this story now and then.

      But back to your main comments. You may still get more of the Origins story eventually or at least something similar. The new series I am working on ‘The Girls of Jefferson’ is about a group of high school girls with superpowers. One of these girls is basically my version of Chloe. Since the nanobots and having her be the sole survivor of a pre-Ice Age civilization had nothing to do with the Smallville TV show, I don’t see any problem with recycling them. The first story in this series, ‘Teleporter Girl’, is finished and basically introduces the main characters. I am just getting started on the second story, which is going to be a time travel adventure like a lot of my fanfiction stories. It will mostly take place in 15th century Florence where the group of modern girls will be battling bad guys who are using it as a staging area to breed dinosaurs! (Don’t laugh. If you try to boil down the premise for most of my stories to a single sentence, they will sound equally preposterous.) Anyway, I’m already toying with the idea that the third story may have the same basic premise as ‘Origins’ – the group of girls travel back to the high tech civilization that existed before the Ice Age. So, while I might never do another chapter of Origins, I might eventually do something similar.

      As far as your suggestion about the nanosuits in Origins being able to amplify the signal to the ‘bots in their bodies, it is something I hadn’t thought about, but it sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll work it or some variation into some story someday.

      This may not have been the response you were looking for, but it is sort of where I am with my writing at the moment and where I think I am headed in the future. Of course, things are always subject to change and perhaps six months from now I will be heading in some entirely different direction.

      Thanks for your comments. It is always fun to hear from someone who enjoys my writing,

      Comment by duaneaakre — July 28, 2011 @ 10:25 pm

      • Something to think about here: You say you aren’t writing for this story because the audience for it is low, yet the audience for any/all stories anywhere is lower when the time between updates is longer. With that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to you, that it’s probably a self-fulfilling cycle that makes this story die? Since you aren’t updating it (for the last 15 months) is it any wonder that there aren’t a lot of followers? It’s ONLY when it’s updated that people see it in the listings. Nobody looks at stories that old. Besides, anyone who HAS followed your writing for long enough knows there’s no reason to check up often. You have so many irons in the fire…..no updates any time soon. I admit it, I enjoy your Portal, Bio Families, and the Chuck writing/ideas……but enough promises is enough. You are starting to remind me of the City/County I live in: Starting all kinds of projects, but NEVER finishing any of them.

        I really liked the apparent direction you had in mind for Clark/Chloe & Lex/Lana, and the entire beginnings of the Kryptonian civilization, and I wanted to read about it as it was posted. Same thing for Chuck Vs. Luthorcorp. Now I find out you’ve pretty much decided to betray every reader you have and drop the stories you WERE writing, just so you can write the same general recycled plots/characters in a fashion that might sell on Amazon. Does that sound as crappy in those words as it does in the ones you used? I suppose I’ll just have to let those story memories go, so that I’m not wondering what happened there. I hope it works out for you. Imagine how disappointed people around the world would’ve been if JK Rowling would’ve decided sometime after Goblet of Fire but before Deathly Hallows that she wanted to write Comedy for TV and that the Wizards she’d been working on were just going to have to wait. Some of us feel like that about most well written stories about characters we like.

        Now that the bitching is out of the way, here’s something I was thinking about while I was reading chapter 2: These things are nanosuits, made up of nanobots? The whole idea behind Chloe’s ability to remember EVERYTHING she’s experienced, and have the other fantastic mental abilities she has is due to her huge amount of nanobots inside her body, right? Wouldn’t putting on a nanosuit (already supposed to be a computer) boost her computing ability? Give her a DIRECT link to their version of the internet (where she could do some researching some of the info about her own past that she’s forgotten)? It also brings back a question I had before: If the things I just said about quantity are correct, then wouldn’t Chloe have more computing power when touching Lex or any other previously assimilated person?

        Other possible plot question/twists here involve Chloe in some kind of Not Quite time loop. Like this: A) She does remember everything, but can’t tell them because they have to still do it. – Not good because it creates questions through first stories. B) Now she assimilates herself, to get her old memories, but doesn’t leave memories behind. This could be done while Tish is sleeping, and would explain why this untested technology actually worked.Could be done simply because they found out that the REAL ones wouldn’t have worked. C) It’s pretty obvious you were planning on the suits coming back to the present, when you planned on completing it, but I have to suggest it anyway – everyone’s suits make it back to the present.

        I would rather this does end up being a regularly updated story until after Clark and Chloe’s parents are saved, but I am not holding my breath about it. Anyway, you’re going to do what you’re going to do regardless of any thoughts coming from us, so….Carry On!

        Comment by R.E.G. — August 19, 2011 @ 7:21 pm

        • I love your JK Rowling’s comment. Someone paid her millions and millions and millions of dollars to keep the series going from Goblet of Fire to Deathly Hallows. If you can find someone to pay me a million dollars, I will be more than happy to continue working on the Portal, Bio Family, Origins series, too!

          If you have read everything I have written in this series plus my Chuck story you must have gotten at least 30 hours of reading pleasure out of it or you wouldn’t have stuck with it or now be complaining so hard. But what have I gotten out of the three to four thousand hours I have spent on writing and research? I’ve gotten the pleasure of writing, which I can just as easily get from writing something potentially saleable, and a handful of reviews. That’s it.

          Now that things like the Kindle and the Nook are available and self-publishing is a possibility, I feel like I have to give it a shot. Oh, I have read articles that say you have a better chance of winning a lottery than becoming a successful indie author, but I still need to give it a try.

          As far as me just recycling characters, isn’t that all sequels ultimately are, too? Since the most interesting parts of my Chloe were all my invention, it doesn’t bother me to recycle them into a different character. And as far as recycling plots, well, I think I once read somebody famous say there are only like seven truly original plots and everything just varies in the details. As I am working on new writing things, different ideas suddenly occur to me or interest me more than they did before. I still am interested in exploring the concepts of life & death, mortality & immortality, but it is good to attack it from a slightly different angle I am taking with my new stuff. And truthfully, I find myself writing today with the same stupid grin thinking ‘this story is so cool’ just as much as when I was writing the Smallville related stories. The only real downside is I don’t get the chapter-by-chapter ego boost of people telling me how much they like my stuff. But if I can eventually convince people to give me a dollar or two for a few hours of reading pleasure, I think I can be happy with that.

          As far as my prior comments about not many people reading the series, it mostly related to the hits Biological Families was getting towards the end. Now, perhaps it is partly my fault that I like to write long chapters so each chapter tells its own little part of the story, but which means it takes me longer to do an update than some of the other people out there writing fanfiction. But even with my posting style, usually you get a big flurry of hits when you mark a story ‘complete’. But Bio Families never got that. Oh, it got more hits, but most of them seemed to peter out half way through. At this point, even if I put out a 1,500 word update to Origins every day like some writers do, I don’t think a lot of people are interested in reading the half million words that go before it.

          Regarding your comments specific to Origins, perhaps calling them nanosuits gave the wrong impression. I was thinking more in terms of them being fabricated from nanomaterials which give them interesting material properties rather than as an assembly of nanobots like are in Chloe’s body. As far as their AI systems, I was thinking of them more in terms of where the current tablets (a la IPAD) will be in another twenty years rather than some really powerful computer systems. Also, in my mind, Chloe’s nanobots are of a completely new and incompatible design compared to the electronics in the nanosuits and therefore her ‘bots don’t really aid in her penetrating the computer systems of that era. Yeah, I was thinking about having at least Clark bring back one of the suits, as it fits my concept of Superman in the 21st century better than a suit sown by his mother from an old Kryptonian blanket.

          I hadn’t really thought about having Chloe colonize Tish’s original body to get her pre-nanobot memories. It is an interesting thought. Of course, I’m not sure how she would accomplish that without leaving an active set of ‘bots in Tish’s body since they share the same DNA being the same person and all. Perhaps she could rig someway so that they don’t turn on until Tish is injected by her father. Of course, that would make the ‘bots in her body a closed timeloop, which is an interesting story concept. Did her father even develop viable nanobots?

          As far as Chloe’s computer power increasing when she touches Lex. I guess that would happen. However she already has such a powerful system, I don’t know what benefit a mere doubling would do. Even if she could say touch all the men she infected on the Hitler simultaneously, would that be a big enough increase to jump her past the singularity threshold to become effectively a God? I have no idea how to turn this into an interesting plotline.

          I guess my final thought is — Have you considered writing any stories yourself? Perhaps if you do, you will, like me, find writing more satisfying than reading. I like how it feels like I have to crank my brain up to 100% when I am writing as I am juggling plotlines, character development and mundane things like paragraph and sentence structure simultaneously in my head. And there is the big advantage that I get to write exactly the style of stories I like to read. I rarely reread things written by anyone else, amateur or professional, but I can pick up one of my old stories and immediately get sucked back in. I would definitely suggest you give it a try.

          Thanks for writing. It is nice to know I have such ardent readers that they will complain so loudly when I’m not giving them what they would really like to see. But hopefully, you can see things at least a little from my perspective.

          Comment by duaneaakre — August 19, 2011 @ 9:31 pm

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