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September 21, 2008

Chuck versus LuthorCorp

November 4, 2009

Here is one of my current ‘works in progress’ (hmm, I do seem to have a lot of ‘works’ in progress at the moment!).  Since Kristin Kreuk from Smallville appeared in season 3 of ‘Chuck’, I thought a Chuck/Lana Lang cross-over might be fun. Although as this story has grown and evolved, it is becoming more of a DC comics/Chuck crossover than simply a Lana Lang/Chuck crossover, as Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, and Green Lantern have all joined the story in addition to Smallville’s Green Arrow and the Flash.  (And am I the only one disappointed that the Wonder Woman TV pilot didn’t get picked up as a series?  Of course, what I would really have liked would have been a Justice League TV series, but I guess we will have to settle for fanfiction.)  If I ever get back to this story, I think it is turning into a Justice League origin story with all the main players and hopefully some worthy adversaries.

The first seven chapters of this story are available here.

Update 2/3/2013

New cover art for the FanFiction.net website.  Created using Pulp-o-Mizer website:

Chuck vs LuthorCorp - Cover 02 - Pulp




Origins – A sequel to Biological Families

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Here is one of my ‘works in progress’.  ORIGINS is a Smallville story and a sequel to ‘Biological Families’. It will explore the origin of a number of things like the Kryptonian race, Brainiac, Superman’s ‘suit’, and more.  It will mostly take place 17,000 years ago during the final days of Chloe’s original, long lost, high-tech civilization.

The first two chapters are available here.

The following artwork is by jedwar.tevas, August 10, 2010

Updated 2/3/2013:  New cover art for the FanFiction.net website.  Created using Pulp-o-Mizer:

Origins - Cover 02 - Pulp

1963 – A ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Story

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a new favorite of mine.  After only a couple of episodes, I had a strong urge to tell a new story, exploring things a little differently than they are doing in the show. And what intrigues me the most is Cameron’s evolution from robot girl to something more. Now, if you have read some of my other stories, you will know I have an affinity for time travel stories. Although unlike most of my others which primarily stick to one place in time, the first arc of this saga jumps around a lot with each chapter taking place in a different time period or alternate time line (Sort of how the old show ‘Sliders’ did each episode).

The first arc, consisting of four chapters, are available here.

What was going to be the fifth chapter, exploring the next time line, kept growing in size and scope until it needed to be its own story rather than just a single chapter. The idea came to me when I started watching the new ‘90210’ TV show and it reminded me of how Brian Austin Green had appeared in that show’s earlier incarnation, I decided a cross-over chapter with 90210 might be fun. In the end it grew to five chapters and I think it turned out well. A lot of the people who have sent me comments said they thought Terminator+90210 was a pretty bizarre mash-up, but that, surprisingly, it worked.

This second arc of my Terminator story is available here.

So now I have started thinking about what to do next. I sort of like the longer form of the previous arc, where the story stays in one time line for multiple chapters. And I thought the obscure, unexpected cross-over was fun and I would like to try it again. So, I am thinking of doing another cross-over only even more obscure.

At the moment I am thinking the next story will be a variation of them battling Skynet on the moon in the late 1970’s I had mentioned in the last chapter of the first story. And for a long-time sci-fi fan like me, the obvious cross-over for this time frame is the 1970 British TV show ‘UFO’.

The show was set in the distant future year of 1980 and involved a secret organization (with its headquarters buried below a British movie studio) battling alien invaders. Now if you aren’t old enough to remember 1970, when this show was created, you may not understand how things on this show like the existence of many large moon-based operations by multiple countries and corporations felt entirely possible a mere ten years in the future. But in 1970 it had been less than ten years since the first person had gone into space and they had already landed a man on the moon. I think if you asked people in 1970 which was more likely: the space travel of this show in ten years or mankind not sending anyone back to the moon for more than 50 years, they would have all voted that events in the show were more likely. What has happened with space travel in the last few decades seems to be almost ‘stranger than fiction’.

Anyway, as I said, this show was done in 1970 and tried to extrapolate things to 1980. And not only did they try to extrapolate technology, but also everything else. It feels so anachronistic, at least to a modern American, to see all the characters sitting around their offices smoking cigars and drinking hard liquor. And then there are the fashions. 1970 England was still in the whole ‘mod’ scene and this show is a lot like Austin Powers on steroids – the men all wear turtlenecks and Nehru jackets and the women are all in short, short skirts. But my favorite bit was always the women who manned the secret organization’s moon operations. They dressed in these shiny metallic jumpsuits and all wore matching purple wigs. I think it would be a lot of fun to see Sarah, Cameron, Naomi, and Lisa forced to wear the purple wigs and skin-tight spacesuits to blend in!

I still have to figure out the ‘hook’ to tie these two stories together into a seamless whole, but it simply feels like it will be a lot of fun if I can make it work.

Just to help you picture what I am talking about, here are a couple of photos. You can find lots more info, if you google ‘ufo tv series’.

The first two chapters of the third arc of my Terminator story are available here.

Can you picture Cameron, Sarah, Lisa & Naomi in these moonbase outfits?

Can you picture Cameron, Sarah, Lisa & Naomi in these moonbase outfits?

The moonbase from the show

The moonbase from the show

The DVD available from Netflix or Amazon

The DVD available from Netflix or Amazon

If you would like to discuss my overall terminator saga, or more specifically the upcoming story arc with ‘UFO’, please leave a comment.

Are you a Cameron Fan?

Granger, Texas Ranger

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Granger, Texas Ranger

Granger, Texas Ranger

I think crossover stories between ‘straight’ and ‘magical’ ones work better than most attempts to crossover two ‘magical’ ones. Since I have never tried a Harry Potter story, I thought it might be fun. Of course, women always seem to be the central characters in my stories so one centered on Ms. Granger seemed more interesting than one about Harry. Anyway, I was driving to the gym one day while waiting for book seven to be released when suddenly the ‘Granger, Texas Ranger’ refrain started bouncing around in my head. Since I live in Fort Worth, setting a story here has a certain appeal to me. The first chapter seemed to flow out of my fingers almost as fast as I could type, which is usually a good sign. So, we will have to see where this one decides to take us.

The first chapter of this story is available here.

If you would like to chat about this story, please leave a comment.


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Kandor Cover Art

I started this story after seeing the movie ‘Superman Returns’.  I had been looking forward to this movie since it was first announced.  I ordered my tickets early so I could see it on the opening weekend in 3-D at the IMAX in Dallas.  Then it turned out to be just a huge disappointment.  It was like they were trying to do nothing original but just redoing the first Christopher Reeve’s Superman movie with better special effects.  And somehow in the process they lost the special feeling of wonder the original movie had instilled in me when I saw it in college and instead kept every bad cliche that had been bad even in the original thirty years earlier.  The worst for me was Lex Luthor.  I wanted him to be a seriously scary, bad-ass industrialist.  Instead we got a loser who steals from little old ladies and surrounds himself with a group of buffoons.  How can Superman be Superman when he doesn’t have a worthy opponent?

So Kandor started out as a variation of the movie I would have liked to have seen.  I salvaged the two plot lines (Superman had been gone five years and Lois had a son) and the one action sequence (Superman saving the shuttle and mother craft) I found interesting and scrapped everything else. Like the movie, this story takes place after the first two Christopher Reeve’s movies, but additionally it takes place after the Smallville TV series because the movies don’t provide enough background information to flesh out the story.  To make it all work, I have from time to time made a few adjustments to the original movies/series so things will be at least somewhat consistent.  For example, I am sticking with the dates from the TV series, so in this story the first Superman movie takes place in 2013, the second in 2015, and this story begins in 2020.

Setting the story a dozen years in the future certainly makes for a more interesting writing challenge.  I mean, simply look at all the things we take for granted that didn’t exist twelve years ago: Only a primitive pre-cursor to the current internet (with no amazon, no ebay, no google, no worldwide fanfiction), no digital cameras, almost no cellphones, no DVDs, no Ipods, there were CDs, but no way to burn your own.  The list could go on and on, but you get the point.  And then next dozen years will probably see even more and faster changes.   With this story I will really have to get out my futurist hat.

My version of Kandor is based on the ‘Silver Age’ of Superman (the 1960’s comics to the non-comic fans), with Kandor, the historic capitol of Krypton, stolen from Krypton by Brainiac through the use of a minaturization ray beam appoximately seventy years prior to the destruction of the planet. At the time of this story, approximately one hundred years have passed for the residents of Kandor since their removal from Krypton.  Even for the long-lived Kryptonian race, most of the inhabitants at the time of the story never knew their homeworld.

I currently have five chapters of this story finished.  You can find them here.

If you would like to talk about this story, please leave a comment.

Updated 2/3/2013 – New cover art for the fanfiction.net website.  Created using pulp-o-mizer:

Kandor - Cover 02 - Pulp

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