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August 10, 2008

Biological Families

Wow, I never guessed when I started that it would take three and a half years to write this story.  And when I started I thought this was going to be the first of three short stories that would combine to a nice 150,000 word novel.  Instead, this story all by itself grew into a truly massive 350,000 words.

This is a sequel to ‘The Portal’.  After having Clark go up against Romans in the first story, I thought a Nazi battleship would be a nice step up in the size of the challenge.  Of course, as always happens with me, by the time I reached that point in the story it had morphed into something different then what I originally intended.

Deciding to involve the Nazis, it was a matter of picking a specific time.  As I started writing, the 2004 Olympics in Athens were about to start (and interestingly, I am watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics as I write this) and I decided it might be fun to set the story during the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  Of course, I had to have them try out for the American team and having them interact with Jesse Owens ended up being one of my favorite chapters.

Then once I had gotten the story to the point where they were actually back in 1936, I decided you couldn’t have Nazis in the 1930s without throwing in a little Indiana Jones action.  Since the best Indiana Jones stories always involve biblical relics, I put on my thinking cap and came up with one I hadn’t seen anyone use before and that was perfect when you throw Clark Kent into the mix.

The ‘biological families’ in the title was selected when I thought this was going to contain three short segments.  In this first part we meet Clark’s ancestor, Var El of Krypton.  And along the way get to find out what actually caused the destruction of Krypton, as well as a little about the origin of the Krypton race and a hint at why Kryptonians look just like humans.

This hardly covers more than a small fraction of what takes place in this story, however If this quick description  has sounded enticing, you can start reading it here. (Although I would strongly recommend reading ‘The Portal’ first.)

I tried to put a reasonable amount of effort into researching the historical references included in the story.  But a number of people have sent me messages disputing some of my ‘facts’.  I am always happy to discuss the details.  So if you would like to chat about the history or my weird science (or is that science fiction?) elements in the story, just leave a comment.

(Oh, and I don’t have a ‘no tights, no flying’ limitation like the TV show has self-imposed.  In this story Clark gets to fly and in the next he will get ‘the tights’.)


Updated 2/3/2013 – New cover art for the fanfiction.net website.  Created using Pulp-o-mizer:

Bio Families - Cover 02 - Pulp


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